External Tracking in a Mod

Because of how quickly the implementation of position tracking was made, it has an awful user interface. We're kinda relying on developers to create a good one for us.

To use the tracker tracked experience, select the externally tracked option in the app.
When you connect to a modded game, tapping on the screen will cycle through the different trackers.

If the game has SteamVR set as its tracking system in the configs, you'll have 16 different tracked objects to choose from, always. the first 3 are usually the headset, and controllers, then you'll have your tracked non-controller objects.

If the game has UnityXR set as its tracking system in the configs, you'll have 6 + (number of base stations) + (number of trackers) objects to choose from. Each tap will set you to a different tracked object, you'll cycle between headset, 3 untracked objects that are meant to be left, right and "center" eye, the 2 controllers, the base stations, then get to your trackers.

You want to ensure that the tracker offsets are set correctly in the viewrcamera.cfg file as well. You can find out by experimenting with the numbers.

Find out about how we attached trackers here.

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