Tracker Rigs

For our tracked footage, we've used one of three rigs to attach Vive trackers to our cameras/phones/tablets. Which we'll provide information about here. If you have your own 3D printer or if you could find

Phone Clip


  1. Print the part, generated supports required. (cooling may be required)
  2. Remove the remove the 2 supports that were printed as part of the model
  3. Push piece onto phone bracket
  4. Screw tracker onto bracket
  5. Attach to phone


  • The settings in the config file are configured for this setup by default.
  • If the view in game appears to be upside down, flip the tracker.

Suction Cup

  1. Screw tracker onto suction cup
  2. Attach suction cup to back of tablet
  • The suction cup will not hold the tracker in a single position, you'll need to modify the config file to match the way your tracker is attached/move the tracker to match how your config file has specified it's attached.
  • This will only work on things with a non porous back... things like the matte aluminium back of an iPad won't work

Camera Hot Shoe

  1. Print the part without supports (cooling may be required)
  2. Screw tracker into part
  3. Push into hot shoe of camera

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