Update 14/12/18

Unity Plugin:

  • Updated plugin to work with new app. Plugin no longer cycles trackers when screen tapped.
  • Plugin now responds to tracker selection commands from the server.

Android App:

  • Fixed feedback and help items not actually going anywhere. (Help no longer says "No Help For You!" in a toast message).
  • Fixed servers not searching without tap and drag action in the server browser.

Fixed bug where calibration UI would be hidden in immersive mode due to android bug.

  • Added menu when back button pressed while streaming.
  • Added menu item to explicitly disconnect from server.
  • Added menu item to recalibrate ARCore in the "back menu".
  • Added menu item to select tracked object in the "back menu".

Mod Installer:

  • Now checks added games against list of known modded games, if the names are the same, it will use the known configs for that game. This was done for Oculus users who have to locate their games manually.
  • Added support for the following games;
    • Mindshow
    • Budget Cuts
  • Removed support for Beat Saber at their request.

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