ARCore Calibration

ARCore Tracking is still a beta feature. This means that it may be slow/hard to use/buggy/crashy. You have been warned.

To start using it, navigate to the settings menu. 

If your phone is capable of using ARCore, the first setting will be either to install it or to enable it.

If ARCore isn't installed, tap the button to start installation.

Finish by enabling the setting.

When ARCore is enabled in ViewR and the game you've connected to requests it, ViewR will display a calibration screen.

Move the device in a circular motion to gain tracking. This works best in a room with lots of textures to track, such as carpet.

Once ARCore has gained tracking, tap the ground at the user's feet to place the marker, tap confirm to continue.

ViewR will now prompt you to adjust rotation. Adjust the slider at the bottom of the screen til the scene seems aligned with the real world and tap continue to continue.

ViewR should now be calibrated for use in VR.

1 comment:

  1. Using ARcore on my google pixel renders the phone view beneath the virtual worlds. (tested in Super Hot) The VR user can be seen, just far off and above. Seems like it would just need cfg adjustment, but I have been unable to find the file to mess with.


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