Settings Screen

The settings screen is where you can set how ViewR behaves.

General Settings

Enable Internal Tracking

You'll see this setting if your device is on this list.
If available, you can turn this setting on to tell the game that your device can track on its own. You'll be prompted with a calibration screen once you connect to the game if this is the case.

Enable External Tracking

If you've attached a tracker to the device, turn this setting on to let the game know that the phone can be tracked using the tracker.

Enable Immersive Mode

Hides the navbar and status bar while streaming.

Power Settings

Enable power saving while streaming

Detects if the device is inactive while streaming. If so, then power saving features are enabled. As of writing this, this includes, pausing ARCore processing, dimming screen, and reducing polling rate of sensors.

Sleep Timer

Time required for inactivity before the above settings are triggered.

Stream Settings

Target Stream Resolution

Sets the stream resolution. Set this higher if your network can handle it.

Stream FPS

How fast the server will attempt to update your display. Set this higher if your computer and network can handle it.

Stream FoV

This is the field of view of the camera in the game world set this high for quake pro.
Your phone camera should be around 60.

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